Supporting Trump Travel Ban

President Trump lost a preliminary round in the legal fight about his Muslim travel ban. I for one hope he will be able to turn this around later on. It is true that this travel ban doesn’t help securing the population of the United States against violent crime. If preventing lethal attacks was the most … [Read more…]

White House Still White

President Trump has started his term a couple of days ago. And I stand corrected. A couple of my recent predictions were clearly wrong. For one, the White House has (as of now) not been repainted in black, in honor of Trump’s fossil fuel industry sponsors. I also haven’t heard any news of a fracking … [Read more…]

Japanese Bitcoin Exchange Regulation

A law enacted in June 2016 introduces regulation for bitcoin exchanges in Japan. As of now, the law is not yet in force. On December 28th, the Financial Services Agency published drafts for executive orders on the details. The draft concerning bitcoin exchanges is here. People so inclined can comment on this draft until January … [Read more…]

Black House

Congratulations to President-elect Trump. An Electoral College coup failed to materialize. So, in a couple of weeks, he will be President Trump. I wonder how long it takes until he rips the solar panels off the roof of the White House. That’s because one of the most popular posts of this blog was titled “Why … [Read more…]

German Climate Damages Case

Kurt Cobb posted about various climate related litigation and mentioned a recent German case. That’s a good opportunity to write about that, though I couldn’t yet find a full copy of the recent decision (Landgericht Essen, decision of December 15, 2016, file number¬†2 O 285/15). I could only find a press release from the Regional … [Read more…]

Great News from Exxon

They have just published an overview for their new Energy Outlook, which explains their view on the long term energy developments. The first bit of good news is that the world will only emit 10 percent more CO2 compared to today, even with a 25 percent population growth. They see emissions peaking sometime in the … [Read more…]