Saudi Arabia 200 GW Solar Project

Good news for a change. Saudi Arabia and Japan’s Masayoshi Son plan to install 200 GW of solar power in the country until 2030. They have signed a Memorandum of Understanding last week. Masayoshi Son is of course the person behind the “Asia Super Grid” initiative, which aims to connect Asian countries with power lines … [Read more…]

Auctions Became “World Standard” While You Were Not Looking

On March 26 there was a meeting at the Japanese government discussing future trends of renewable energy policy. One of the presentations published at the occasion was rather interesting. Thanks to Hironao Matsubara for the link. On page seven it mentions that costs for renewable energy are still at a level of twice of Europe. … [Read more…]

Carbon Sink Decline

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post on how carbon sinks factor in when discussing goals for climate policy. Obviously, CO2 levels in the atmosphere are increased only if human emissions are more than whatever is absorbed in carbon sinks at the time. Right now, around 55% of human emissions are absorbed and around 45% … [Read more…]