Mojave Desert Project

Good news from the United States: The Obama administration is coming up with a “Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan”, according to Carolyn Lochhead at the San Francisco Chronicle. That plan would make available up to 2,000 square miles of desert public land available for large scale solar development. Of course some “environmentalists” worried more about … [Read more…]

Happy Halving Day!

Today Bitcoin reaches 75% of all bitcoins ever created, which means that the mining rewards will be cut in half from 25 to 12.5 bitcoins. The last time (and first time) that happened was on November 12, 2012, when 50% of bitcoins were created and the reward ¬†dropped from 50 to 25. For the occasion, … [Read more…]

Using Water to Store CO2 in Minerals

Having followed proposals to store CO2 in minerals like olivine on this blog, I found this recent story about an experiment in Iceland interesting. The basic idea was to dissolve CO2 in water (like in your soda drink can). Then pump the water under pressure underground into an environment rich in minerals that will react … [Read more…]

What Three Words

Mongolia has decided to change their postal address system. The new system will be based on GPS. But it will also use a service that maps GPS coordinates (difficult for humans to remember) to three random words (easy for humans to remember). It is called “What Three Words” and has mapped the whole world with … [Read more…]

5000 Years Later

This is a book review. Neil Stephenson, Seveneves, May 2015. I heard about this from a recent¬†blog post by Bill Gates. One interesting aspect is the fact that this book takes a very long term perspective. The first sentence of the last part is: “5000 years later”. And one of Gates’ observations reads: “The other … [Read more…]