Small Ray of Hope for Sensible German Energy Policy

Greenpeace Energy reports on a panel discussion featuring Rainer Baake, who is responsible for energy matters in the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. He said that power to gas is an important building block for the energy transition (Energiewende). That’s because it’s easier to deal with time slots where supply exceeds demand … [Read more…]

Powerline Bottleneck as Chance for Hydrogen

According to Handelsblatt, the German government plans to further reduce new renewable capacity (Guardian report here). After successfully reducing new solar capacity, the next target is wind. They want to reduce new wind in the northern regions (those with the best resources) by about half from next year on. Their excuse is grid capacity. Already … [Read more…]

Remember Desertec?

Asks Ross McCracken, Managing Editor at Platts’ “The Barrel”. He notes the recent record low solar bids in Abu Dhabi, the lowest at 2.4 cents a kWh. And then he asks if Desertec doesn’t make sense at those prices. Yes. I remember Desertec. Actually I never thought that the idea was refuted in any way. … [Read more…]