Is Lessig Shilling against Open Access?

Larry Lessig has started a fight with Congressman and Chair of the Judicial Committee John Conyers, accusing him of “shilling”. Conyers is not amused.

After this level of unpleasantness, it seems open to doubt that Mr. Conyers will be particularly inclined to listen to Lessig or his allies in the discussions about the legislation concerned. Any possible influence the modest contributions of the publishing industry might have had on his goodwill for them pales completely in contrast to the damage done to the goodwill of the other side by this baseless smear.

Therefore, the publishing industry should recognize the great job Lessig is doing for their cause, and donate $10.000 to Creative Commons.

For all I know that has already happened. Creative Commons discloses donations only when the donor wants them to.

But then again, expecting Larry Lessig to work against his convictions because someone made a donation doesn’t make much sense. Just as with Conyers.

Update I: Lessig kindly replies here.

Update II: I answer to that reply.