Political decision on German nuclear energy

SPIEGEL reports on a decision by the German ruling parties to shut down all remaining nuclear plants until 2021. The eight plants stopped after the Fukushima accidents will stay unused.

I disagree strongly with this decision. It will make it harder to stop global meltdown. That task is hard enough already, and the risks from global meltdown are much more severe than those from nuclear energy.

Solar might pick up some of the slack. Germany has had some success in installing solar energy.

However, the same article also reports that the politicians actually want to reduce subsidies for solar installations. Another SPIEGEL article gives some details:

Consumers pay 3.5 cents per kw/h for renewable energy subsidies. Half of that is for solar. But solar only provides for about 2% of German electricity.

I don’t agree with cutting down on renewable subsidies.

If you think you can afford the luxury of shutting down nuclear, the least you could do would be double your efforts on renewable energy.

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