Large scale solar PV plant built in three months

One of the advantages of photovoltaic solar plants is that they can be built rather fast. One example is a 78 megawatt solar project recently connected to the grid in Germany (SolarServer article). Sitting on a former mining site, the plant has 330.000 solar panels.

The article quotes one of the managing directors involved like this:

Managing director Marko Schulz adds: “This project shows that large-scale photovoltaic systems can be completed much faster than any other type of power plant. Despite its location in not-always-sunny Germany, the plant is able to generate power at lower cost than, e.g., offshore wind power.“

Add this fact to the other one that solar PV will become the cheapest option in less than a decade. The only limit will be space, and I have a solution in mind for that problem.


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