$1.2 Trillion Damage From Climate Change Now

And 400,000 people dead a year (plus 4.5 million dead from fossil fuel air pollution).

That’s the result of a new mayor study of the harmful effects of climate change already happening right now, as reported in this Guardian article. Thanks to this tweet by Al Gore for the link.

This reduced global GDP by 1.6%.

These numbers will come in handy when the new surcharges in Germany will be announced later this month and anti-renewable propaganda forces will try to make hay from the fact that the average family will have to pay 2.4% of their income (instead of 2.2%) for electricity, and the surcharge will increase by 5 euro a month.

Compared to the 1.2 trillion in damages, these surcharges are a bargain. They have already achieved most of their purpose. Solar has gone large-scale and will continue to grow exponentially, until such time as all energy will come from renewable everywhere, and fossil fuels are only used for industrial chemistry applications, adding a lot to the value of the fossil fuel company reserves by selling much less.

The only question is how fast that is going to happen.


  1. […] Another one would be to use the energy right in the desert to suck up CO2 from the atmosphere. It can be done already with present technology, and interest in doing that will increase a lot over the coming decades, once the damages from global warming become even higher than the $1.2 TRILLION a year right now. […]

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