Germany's Performance Way Down to "Moderate" in the 2014 Climate Change Performance Index

German Watch has published the 2014 “Climate Change Performance Index”, and Germany’s overall score is “moderate”. Thanks to this tweet by Volker Quaschning for the link.

The index has several categories: Emissions (30 percent of points), emission reductions (30 percent), efficiency (10 percent), renewable energy (10 percent), and climate policy (20 percent).

Germany scores “poor” for emission levels, “moderate” for development of emissions, “good” for renewable energy, “moderate” for efficiency, and “moderate” for climate policy, for an overall “moderate” score and rank of 19 (down from rank 8 in 2013).

Germany still has the best score in the group of ten most emitting countries.

But that is mostly due to policy by past governments. Right now speed is greatly reduced. Even Germany’s strongest point, the early and massive investment in renewable energy, is at risk from recent lukewarm policy efforts.


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