Japan's Performance "Very Poor" in the 2014 Climate Change Performance Index

German Watch has published the 2014 “Climate Change Performance Index”, and Japan’s score is “very poor”. Thanks to this tweet by Volker Quaschning for the link.

The index has several categories: Emissions (30 percent of points), emission reductions (30 percent), efficiency (10 percent), renewable energy (10 percent), and climate policy (20 percent).

Japan scores “very poor” in emissions level, “moderate” in emission reductions (probably before the recent announcement of a 3.1 increase goal for 2020 compared to 1990, “very poor” in renewable energy, “poor” in efficiency, and “very poor” in climate policy. That gives Japan a “very poor” rank of number 50 in the list. This is down several places from last year’s rank of number 46.

For the ten countries with the largest emissions, Japan is at rank number six, still beating Korea, the Russian Federation, and Canada.


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