Black House

Congratulations to President-elect Trump. An Electoral College coup failed to materialize. So, in a couple of weeks, he will be President Trump.

I wonder how long it takes until he rips the solar panels off the roof of the White House.

That’s because one of the most popular posts of this blog was titled “Why THE FUCK are there still no solar panels on the White House”. I wrote that in 2013 and got a nice Reddit reaction out of it.

Former President Reagan got rid of the solar panels installed by Carter as one of the first things in 1981.

Now there is another Republican succeeding a Democrat. I expect the exact same thing to happen again.

Of course that won’t be much of a loss, since the solar panels on the White House are a joke to begin with. They only have the capacity of an average American home, because of phony “security concerns”.

In contrast, look at this cool picture of the German Chancellor’s office (credit BSW solar):

That’s how you want your government buildings to look.

And they are just renewing the installation. The first installation was done in 2001, and it will be replaced by new solar panels with 174 kW power until spring of 2017.

In contrast, Trump will remove even the small puny solar panels Obama finally got around installing.

Then he’ll start a fracking project on the South Lawn and have the place painted black, in honor of his fossil fuel friends. Oil and coal are black, so keeping a White House would be not in their interest.

Actually, I’m not expecting that latter part to happen anytime soon.

But Trump might as well do that once he rips off the solar panels.