Supporting Trump Travel Ban

President Trump lost a preliminary round in the legal fight about his Muslim travel ban. I for one hope he will be able to turn this around later on.

It is true that this travel ban doesn’t help securing the population of the United States against violent crime. If preventing lethal attacks was the most important consideration, the first to go would need to be the policy of handing out guns to everyone in sight. How many people died because of this irresponsible policy? How many died from terror attacks by people coming from the seven countries in question?

But this is still a very great executive order, deserving praise and support. It helps Germany and Japan keeping ahead of the United States in their brand value as a tourist destination. A recent article put the United States at place seven (Japan at number one and Germany at number three).

I recall that the last Republican president started an illegal war of aggression (Trump hasn’t yet). This caused considerable loss of good will for the United States, which in turn resulted in a decline of about 20 percent in the $1.5 trillion tourism industry.

Telling people that foreigners are not welcome in the United States is a great way to replicate and maybe exceed that record of the Bush years. That in turn is good news for tourism elsewhere (Japan and Germany).

And Trump deserves a lot of praise for putting his own financial interests behind the interests of his country. Any decline in tourism to the United States will of course hit his hotel business.

I hear that the Japanese government wants more tourists to come and visit Japan. I encourage anyone disliking the Muslim travel ban and considering spending their tourism dollars elsewhere than the United States to have a look at the Visit Japan website.

Update February 15th: This Telegraph article explains that tourism to the United States is already taking a hit from these executive orders. The “Global Business Travel Association” estimates the lost tourism revenue at around $185 million.

Turns out that if you tell foreigners they are not welcome, they won’t show up any more.