Outage Outrage

The recent hurricane Irma left over 90 percent of Florida power company “FPL” costumers without power.

You might think that people who have their own solar panels installed would be not affected. You would be wrong.

Turns out local regulations require private customers to shut down their solar panels once the grid powers down. This is necessary, as FPL explains, to protect FPL employees who are working on the grid from “dangerous back feed”.

I am all for protecting people from dangers. But how many solar panels would one need to actually electrocute someone? And aren’t these professionals who are working with live electricity grids all the time?

This smells like the danger is not for the health of employees, but more for the financial health of coal interests, who benefit from this outrage, since all things equal it helps to keep solar installations down if you can’t use your solar panels when they are needed most.