“FreeSociety” Anarchist State Project

Roger Ver is now in the business of founding new states. I recall that he was a positive force for Bitcoin a couple of years ago, before moving along to the Bcash altcoin.

His current state founding project is called “Free Society”. There is a web address in the .com domain (freesociety.com), and Bitcoinmagazine just published an interview with him where he talks about this idea.

I understand that people have come up with some funds. There are already investors who raised $100 million, and Ver hopes to raise as much as $1 billion.

That’s an impressive amount of money if you want to run a company. Not so much if you want to build a new nation-state.

The new sovereign state would have no government. That would be rather odd, since having a government is one of the conditions for being recognized as a state under present international law standards in the first place. A “state” without government is like a cryptocurrency with a central bank.

It would also instantly make this new state a very attractive location for every criminal on the planet. Criminals obviously like having no government, and by extension, no law enforcement.

One historical precedent for this kind of thing is the American Colonization Society, which was active in the 19th Century building a new nation state in Africa, with the idea of sending black people back there. They had the backing of presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and James Madison at the time, but found out that this kind of project is not easy to pull off. They succeeded in founding Liberia, though.

I am not sure if such a project has any chance of success. And the only interesting point would be that if someone supporting Bitcoin could pull off putting a new nation on the map, that new nation would probably adopt Bitcoin as its currency, giving it a large advantage compared to existing nations that use inferior traditional currency.

But with Ver calling the shots, the new nation would probably adopt Bcash instead.