Harry 2x

Imagine a book about “Harry” (I have one particular in mind).

Imagine that it is leading in the market place, having found billions of fans.

Imagine that the copyright has been transferred by the author to some big publishing and film companies.

Now imagine they hold a meeting, look at the pleasing state of their sales, and decide to double their wealth by making Harry a twin. Have Larry show up as well.

The reasoning behind this would be that two of them can handle more adventures than one, Have someone write the whole series again with two main characters.

Assuming that this is not blocked by copyright rules, who decides on the success of the new HarryLarry book series?

Would it be the number of printers who are now busy printing Harry books? Would a commitment of 90% of them to “signal” switching their printpower to HarryLarry be the decisive factor?

Obviously not.

The only thing that matters would be the fans. I am one of them.

If they decide, as well they should, that the HarryLarry project has no merit, then it will fail in the market place.

The same is true for the Segwit2x altcoin project, the latest big blocker Bitcoin fork. The corporate sponsors of said project will find out in a couple of weeks that it doesn’t matter how many miners promise to support it, just as it doesn’t matter how many printers would print HarryLarry books, as long as there is no demand for the resulting altcoin.