Trace Mayer’s Remorse Being Late to Bitcoin

Trace Mayer is a well-known Bitcoin commentator and investor. He is mainly publishing his “Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast” right now.

His latest price analysis on that Podcast using the relation between present price and 200 days moving average as an indicator makes a lot of sense in my humble view. I recommend listening.

I was interested to find out his first posts about Bitcoin. So I looked at his old “” website. He comes from an interest in gold as an investment, which explains this domain name.

The first article on that particular site about Bitcoin is dated 14 June 2011. It is titled “BitCoin – How I Missed The Trade Of The Year.”

In that post Mayer explains that he missed the opportunity to buy at a much lower price in January 2011. He published an article recommending Bitcoin under the “Drifter” name on January 17th on the website.

And he told friends at the time that he was considering putting $5,000 into Bitcoin, but then for some reason decided against it. As he explains in the June blog post, that $5,000 would have turned into slightly over $550,000 by June, which marked the peak of one of the early Bitcoin bull markets.

At present prices, $5,000 invested at a price of $0.25 per bitcoin would be worth over $120 million. Mayer was still early to invest, even if he missed the first bull run from January to June 2011. In his own words “This was a serious woulda, coulda, shoulda but didn’t moment.”.

Those coming in later can learn two things from this.

One: It’s never too early to start investing. Even those who, like Mayer, got in much earlier than most others, regret not getting in even earlier.

Two: It’s never too late to start investing. Mayer turned “woulda, coulda, shoulda” into “did”. Better late than never.