Sun Exchange Bitcoin Solar Energy Investment

Luke Parker at BraveNewCoin reports on a South African startup project called “Sun Exchange“.

Having an interest in both solar energy and Bitcoin, I thought this was worth having a look.

This is still in an early stage. They just raised $1.6 million dollars in startup capital. And they have some small projects running already.

The idea seems to be that investors give them money over Bitcoin. They use that money to buy solar panels and install those at sites in Africa. They have a couple of projects running which are between 15 and 100 kW. Customers at those sites will pay for the electricity, resulting in 20 years of income for the investors.

I don’t know the details of their contract model. But it seems that investors are not the owners of the solar panels. And they certainly are not shareholders of Sun Exchange.

Right now, I prefer owning stock in ENEL, which is investing in much larger projects with a much better track record. And it gives investors a stake in the company.

I also doubt that any investment in solar panels can beat just holding bitcoins for the next couple of years.

But this kind of thing may be interesting some time around 2027.

Stay tuned.