Renewable Hydrogen from Australia

It’s been a couple of years since I last wrote about renewable hydrogen plans in Australia. Now there are new big plans for a project in Crystal Brook, a small village north of Adelaide.

As Giles Parkinson explains in this article at Reneweconomy, people want to invest $600 million in a project of 150 MW wind, 150 MW solar and an “up to 50 MW hydrogen plant”.

The idea would be that storing the renewable energy in the form of hydrogen makes it possible to export it without having power lines connecting Australia with other countries.

I have been interested in similar ideas for over ten years now, having started a blog with the title “Hydrogen Mongolia” in 2006. The basic idea was to have large-scale renewable energy projects in the Gobi desert and export the energy after converting it to hydrogen.

In those last ten years, renewable energy has become much cheaper. The need to convert to renewable energy has become far more evident. And the day when oil runs out anyway is ten years closer now.

It is nice to see such a project. I wish them the best of luck with it. Australia might be suited well to do this kind of thing on a much larger scale.