China’s “Green Dispatch” Policy

Bobby Magill reports at Cleantechnica on this new development. “Clean Dispatch” means using low carbon sources of electricity with priority. From the Cleantechnica article: “China’s ‘green dispatch’ system will prioritize power generation from renewable resources, and establish guidelines to accept electricity first from the most efficient and lowest-polluting fossil fuel generators,” the presidents’ joint statement … [Read more…]

Toaster Challenge

I have made this point before: Energy is extremely cheap in our age, if you compare it to using human work. The last time my headline was “Energy Slaves”, because of an Wikipedia article with that title. Now a team has put Olympic track cyclist Robert Förstemann to work for toasting one piece of bread. The … [Read more…]

Global Coal Renaissance

That’s the most important climate change story today, according to Brad Plumer writing at Vox. As proof he shows this graph about how the energy mix developed over the last 50 years. Coal is the grey part at the bottom. It is true. Sadly, coal use is growing over that period. So are oil and … [Read more…]

Asteroid Day

I am late with this. I just learned from this tweet by Neil deGrasse Tyson that yesterday was asteroid day. There is a campaign that wants to increase awareness about the threat from asteroids. The date is set after the 1908 Tunguska event, which happened on June 30th. The campaign wants to increase funding for finding … [Read more…]