My global warming science fiction novel “Great News”

I have written a science fiction novel about global warming and publish it as a PDF-file with this post. Here is the short description (see also this short story version):

How can humanity be both so clever as to develop modern civilization in the first place and so dumb as to burn all the fossil fuel?

This novel presents the only possible explanation to this basic contradiction: the evil alien hypnotist theory.

And here is a FREE PDF-file: Lenz, Great News.

A print-on-demand version is available for $6.50 here.

The book is also available at Amazon Germany for EUR 6.50.

Update October 6: It is now available in the Kindle store for the cheapest price the system accepts ($ 0.99).

Update April 4, 2013: I just published my second global warming science fiction novel “Tasneem”, which builds on this book. Just as with “Great News”, I offer a FREE PDF file here.

Update April 29, 2013: Indiefantastic kindly reviewed this book and gave it three stars.

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