Altmaier and Rösler Renewable Energy Brake Proposals Failed

Apr 20 2013 Published by under European and German energy law

FAZ reports that the proposals of German Environment Minister Altmaier and Economy Minister Rösler to change the German feed-in tariff system have failed definitely. Chancellor Merkel has decided to abandon efforts to get the opposition on board before the elections later this year.

I recall having discussed them in quite a lot of posts on this blog. Most of those proposals were without merit. And it was clear for anyone paying attention that most of these had no chance to make it through the Bundesrat, where the Green and SPD opposition has a majority.

The most outrageous of these proposals was to reduce feed-in tariffs retroactively. That would very likely have been unconstitutional as well as a dumb idea.

In contrast, having less reductions for industry was one proposal that was supported by SPD and Greens as well. Getting self-consumption of systems over 2 MW capacity in the feed-in tariff surcharge system was another proposal the opposition parties supported.

Anyway, that means there will be no big changes in German feed-in tariff law this year. What happens after the election depends upon what happens to the FDP. If the German voters succeed in booting them out of the Bundestag and a SPD and Green majority materializes, the German transition to 100% renewable will be done much faster and cheaper.

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