I started this blog in January 2003 and migrated it to WordPress in September 2006.

The first eight years I was mainly interested in intellectual property law, especially copyright.

However the Fukushima nuclear accident got me stronger involved in energy and global meltdown issues. I had some interest in the DESERTEC energy from the desert vision earlier, but plan now to put this at the center of my activity here and elsewhere for a couple of years. My interest is especially in bringing the concept to Asia, and there I am concentrated on the Gobi desert in Mongolia.

I had the illusion for a couple of months that advocacy for renewable energy could coexist with advocacy for nuclear as another low carbon option. However, I have given up pro-nuclear advocacy on this blog on December 8, 2011. The strongest reason pushing me to that decision is the intolerable opposition to renewable energy of most of the pro-nuclear bloggers. That is a basic blunder in messaging that assures my fierce opposition to what I call “Fossil Nukes“.

My position now is that I don’t need to decide on nuclear power. It doesn’t matter either way.

My name is Karl-Friedrich Lenz; I am a German national and a professor of German Law, European Law and International Trade Law at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo since 1995. All opinions on this blog are my own and are in no way to be understood as endorsed by Aoyama Gakuin University.

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