May 04, 2003

Where are the WMD?

Joi Ito asked that question on his blog. I said in his comments section that we already know Iraqi WMD were non-existing or ineffective, since Saddam Hussein didn't use them even facing annihilation of his regime, as pointed out in detail on Here is another answer.

While there were no Iraqi WMDs, new nuclear weapons are sprouting out all over the planet. The nuclear non-proliferation treaty is in crisis (Link credit: Richard Stallman). There is even speculation that Japan will go nuclear, the only country who was ever attacked with nuclear weapons.

The illegal war contributed nothing to the goal of reducing WMDs, but it did a lot to motivate many nations to acquire nukes. Iraq was attacked because the Bush forces could do so without risk, because it was weak, not because it had terrible weapons. Other countries note that fact, and the willingness of the Bush government to attack at will. The logical consequence is more WMDs on the planet, not less.

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