May 29, 2003

Commons in Japan?

This article in the San Francisco Chronicle describes a new music download service in Spain priced lower than other models around.

The service seems to be legal under Spanish copyright law. The problem is that downloads are available not only in Spain, but everywhere on the planet.

That gives me an occasion to revisit my first reaction to the Eldred decision, and some later discussion here and here.

Wouldn't it be possible to set up servers in a free country (like Japan) with a copyright term of fifty years after death of author?

The simple idea would be to have the data on networks not accessible from the outside. For example university servers set up for access only from inside of the university. Maybe there are other watertight ways to keep people located outside of Japan from downloading.

Assume, for the sake of argument, that it can be done.

Then, what is the point?

One: It would make for some political pressure in America. Copyright extremism looks kind of stupid if it forces Americans to go to Japan if they want to use American works.

Two: It would be relatively easy to do. No need to fight in courts or to lobby for the Eldred act, against the opposition of a very powerful and experienced lobby working for the enemies of freedom.

Three: The Hal Roach argument. With some works, as with old films, you need to start digitizing them now. In another twenty years, the old nitrate-based films will have turned to dust.

Four: You probably could get volunteers working for scanning or proofreading in some universities as an extra bonus.

So I do think that this approach might lead to some positive results. It should deserve some serious discussion.

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