November 01, 2003

Seth Finkelstein's Success

Seth Finkelstein has won one of the DMCA exemptions recently granted by the Copyright Office by contributing important comments under difficult circumstances. Good news.

The obvious question, however: Why does he have to pay for his own plane ticket? Considering the impact he has made, I sure hope that won't be necessary the next time around.

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Thanks for the coverage.

Why did I have to pay for my own plane ticket? Well, the government doesn't fund testimony, and I wasn't representing any organization, so who was going to pay? It was a 6:30am plane flight since I didn't want the expense of a hotel too.

I've found people often imagine there is far more support for me than exists in reality.

And note I was so bothered to have to pay the cost myself, because I was unemployed, under constant attack by Slashdot editor (i.e., great power to abuse) Michael Sims, the tech economy was horrible, and so money was much a concern for me.

In the aftermath, I've gotten a lot of congratulations, but in fact, sadly, nothing that makes my free-speech work more financially sustainable.

Posted by: Seth Finkelstein on November 3, 2003 01:24 AM
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