June 19, 2004

Doctorow DRM Speech

Cory Doctorow gave a speech to Microsoft researchers. He described the act of giving that speech as "doing completely weird stuff".

As one Slashdot comment pointed out, the part about the CSS Johansen case is obviously wrong. But I have some other criticism as well.

If DRM can't work anyway, as Doctorow thinks, then there is really not much need to worry about it. For example in the case of SunnComm's technology that can be broken by pressing down the shift key, all possible negative effects are quite limited.

However, I don't believe that all DRM systems are useless. I have pointed to Pokemon game cartridges as one example in the first month of writing here. The DRM technology there works just fine.

And once "trusted computing" platforms become wide-spread, we might see some strong DRM technology on a PC. Doctorow doesn't address trusted computing, which I think would be necessary when discussing the theoretical possibility of strong DRM measures. On the other hand, quite possibly trusted computing will help the P2P networks more than the copyright holders.

Slashdot discussion here.

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