June 28, 2004

Trade DG Memo

The Directorate General Trade of the European Commission has published a memo on negotiations about TRIPS.

The memo starts out with explanations of some very basic Intellectual Property concepts. But then there is a section titled "The Emergence of Global Public Goods" which contains this noteworthy statement:

Outlook for the future : emerging issues

IP is not only an issue of debate between North and South, but also within developed countries. They all express concerns about a perceived shrinking of the public domain as private rights over knowledge have become the rule. Some claim that this will have a counterproductive effect on research and on knowledge diffusion and point to the function of IP: to promote innovation and creativity to the benefit of all. There is therefore a balance to strike between different policy goals, innovation and creativity on the one hand, Development, Health, Environment for example on the other.

It is nice to see that at least some parts of the European Commission recognize the need for a balanced approach when discussing IP.

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