Reduce Oil Consumption by Reducing Trade

Existing climate policy is not working very well. The record for last year was another increase in world wide emissions. According to IEA, the 2017 CO2 emissions were 32.5 gigatonnes, a new all-time high. This was an increase of 1.4%, after three years of unchanged flat records. Obviously, that’s exactly the wrong direction. CO2 emission … [Read more…]

The Moral Case Against “Bitcoin Cash”

Most people opposed to the “Bitcoin Cash” project are critical of their hijacking the brand name. There is no trademark protection available for the term “Bitcoin”. That means that anyone is free to call their unrelated project “Bitcoin” and there is nothing anyone can do about it with trademark law. “Bitcoin Cash” is profiting from … [Read more…]

How the MtGox Bankruptcy Should Be Resolved

MtGox mainly has 202,185 bitcoins as assets. That’s around $2.23 billion at the time of this writing. Most of the creditors’ claims are for 795,000 bitcoins that users had in their MtGox accounts. There are also some claims in fiat, but they are a very small percentage, so I will just ignore them for this … [Read more…]

“Bitcoin Cash” Trademark

Roger Ver (who used to support Bitcoin and now hates and actively fights it) just angrily ended an interview, flipping the bird to the interviewer. One of the reasons he was angry was the fact that the interviewer didn’t follow his orders to call his new “Bcash” altcoin “Bitcoin cash”. The question of what to … [Read more…]

Reviving MtGox?

Mark Karpeles floated some ideas about resolving the MtGox bankruptcy issue in this blog post on Friday. He thinks that reviving the exchange may be a solution and estimates that $245 million would be enough to do so. This would involve him selling his shares of MtGox to some investor. Or in the alternative, raise … [Read more…]

Ending the MtGox Bankruptcy Procedure

The MtGox bankruptcy procedure is a very special case. That’s because bitcoin prices have risen so much that MtGox now is not only solvent, but if the case proceeds under the rules made for normal, insolvent bankrupts, the bankrupt in this case (Mark Karpeles) will be left with about a billion dollars in bitcoins not … [Read more…]

Trace Mayer’s Remorse Being Late to Bitcoin

Trace Mayer is a well-known Bitcoin commentator and investor. He is mainly publishing his “Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast” right now. His latest price analysis on that Podcast using the relation between present price and 200 days moving average as an indicator makes a lot of sense in my humble view. I recommend listening. I was interested … [Read more…]