My New Bitcoin Address

I got myself a brand new shining Bitcoin address that starts with my name as the first six characters after the initial “1”. Here it is: 1KfLenzmpCE… Update March 28, 2014: Since there have been reports that vanity addresses provided by the service I used have been hacked, I have moved almost all funds out … [Read more…]

400 ppM CO2 Irrelevant

There are multiple people on my Twitter timeline mentioning the fact that CO2 levels have passed 400 ppM for the first time. Let’s just point to this well informed and interesting explanation by Peter Gleick on Scienceblogs, titled “The Last Time Atmospheric CO2 was at 400 parts per Million Humans Didn’t Exist“. As Gleick explains, … [Read more…]

Bitcoin Kanji Draft

Okay, here is a very rough draft for a new Kanji with the meaning Bitcoin: The left part is of course the radical for gold, which should be the obvious starting point for anyone designing this. The right part are just the numbers one and zero. There is a slight problem with the fact that … [Read more…]