“FreeSociety” Anarchist State Project

Roger Ver is now in the business of founding new states. I recall that he was a positive force for Bitcoin a couple of years ago, before moving along to the Bcash altcoin. His current state founding project is called “Free Society”. There is a web address in the .com domain (freesociety.com), and Bitcoinmagazine just … [Read more…]

“Stupid”: Jamie Dimon on Cryptocurrencies

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon made some critical comments on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He expects Bitcoin to be closed down eventually, since governments don’t like the idea of losing control over currency, or not knowing where it is. The reason that hasn’t happened already is that the sector is still too small for governments to … [Read more…]

The SEC DAO Report is Great News for Bitcoin

The SEC just published a report concluding that the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) set up on the Ethereum blockchain in 2015 qualified as “securities” under American law. Since neither the DAO itself or anyone else bothered with registering this security with the SEC, collecting over $150 million at the time was illegal. And having these … [Read more…]

Bitmain Hard Fork

Bitmain has announced that they will sponsor a hard fork of the Bitcoin network in early August. It is supposed to go live a couple of days after the UASF (user-activated soft fork), which has an activation date of August 1st, 2017. Bitmain is known for building mining hardware and running a mining pool. They … [Read more…]

Bitcoin Fork as Upgrade Mechanism

There are lots of altcoins. Taking Litecoin as an example, an altcoin modifies the Bitcoin protocol in some way or other, starts over with a completely new ledger and a new name. In contrast, there has been no fork of the Bitcoin network until now. A fork changes some rules like an altcoin project. But … [Read more…]