Open Source Exception from Wassenaar?

Open Source project Firefox has obtained a “no-violation-letter” for the distribution of Firefox. That means participants in the project will not be prosecuted for violating rules against the distribution of strong cryptographic software in the American laws to implement the Wassenaar Agreement. Mozilla General Counsel Harvey Anderson explains that he argued this as a free … [Read more…]

Central Traffic Data Database

proposed in Great Britain, see this article in the Times. That would make it more convenient for our American friends to deal with the hassle of copying all the data into their databases. Getting it all from one source sure beats having to deal with hundreds of different service providers. Once traffic data is stored … [Read more…]

Refusing to be Afraid

Bruce Schneier links to a campaign that wants people to tell politicians to stop being afraid. They have this text as a petition: I am not afraid of terrorism, and I want you to stop being afraid on my behalf. Please start scaling back the official government war on terror. Please replace it with a … [Read more…]

German Surveillance Law

The German law for transposing the Surveillance Directive has passed the Federal Parliament (Bundestag). If it passes at the Federal Council (Bundesrat) as well and is signed into law by the President of Germany (Bundespr√ɬ§sident), it will meet with the largest constitutional challenge in history. Thousands of people have signed up as a plaintiff in … [Read more…]

Complaint Against Surveillance

The Surveillance Directive is scheduled to be transposed into German law sometime next year. The moment the law is enacted it will be greeted by a volley of thousands of plaintiffs, complaining at the German Federal Constitutional Court. Already over 5000 people have signed up to be included in the complaint. There is a webpage … [Read more…]

FBI for Data Retention

FBI head Robert Mueller has joined Attorney General Gonzales in calling for introducing an American version of the Surveillance Directive. Of course they are right. With torture and extrajudicial infinite detention legalized, it makes no sense to keep any limits on the surveillance powers of the government. Go ahead and watch all citizens around the … [Read more…]

Enabling American Surveillance

Someone asked the Commission if all the data retained under the Surveillance Directive will be handed over to the Americans. Netzpolitik points to the answer. From that document: This Directive does not address the access to retained data which remains a matter to be dealt with according to national legislation. Obtaining retained data by the … [Read more…]

Terror is a Minor Risk

Ryan Singel at Wired has a handy color code chart to prove it. Found at BoingBoing. As Schneier said, the aim of the terrorists is to spread terror, not to kill. That task is much easier if people react in a cowardly way. The first and most important reaction to terror must be to reject … [Read more…]