Flying a Passenger Jet with Solar Power? Yes, We Can Do that Now

Philipp Furler is a scientist working at the ETH university in Zurich. As this article at EurekAlert explains, he and his team have come up with a clever new way to make jet fuel from solar power, water and CO2 extracted from air. The process requires high temperatures of around 1,500 degrees Celsius. That’s about three … [Read more…]

Black House

Congratulations to President-elect Trump. An Electoral College coup failed to materialize. So, in a couple of weeks, he will be President Trump. I wonder how long it takes until he rips the solar panels off the roof of the White House. That’s because one of the most popular posts of this blog was titled “Why … [Read more…]

Simple Hydro Energy Storage Concept

Pumped-storage hydro is a known concept. It is the largest existing form of storing peak electricity for time slots with less supply. Now Fraunhofer has started an experiment with a new idea. According to Georg Küffner writing at FAZ,  they built a sphere with concrete, diameter of three meters. Then they immersed that into the … [Read more…]

Remember Desertec?

Asks Ross McCracken, Managing Editor at Platts’ “The Barrel”. He notes the recent record low solar bids in Abu Dhabi, the lowest at 2.4 cents a kWh. And then he asks if Desertec doesn’t make sense at those prices. Yes. I remember Desertec. Actually I never thought that the idea was refuted in any way. … [Read more…]

Happy Hydrogen Day!

Today I learned from this tweet that October 8th is “Hydrogen Day”, because the atomic weight of around 1.008 can be read as 10/08. I was interested in hydrogen first as a potential way to store and transport energy from desert renewable energy projects. And a couple of days ago I reported about plans of … [Read more…]

Shade from Desert Solar Panels

This Bloomberg article describes one of the largest solar panel projects of the world, with a scale of 2 GW built in China. I learned from that article that putting large numbers of solar panels in an arid area has another benefit I wasn’t aware of. From the article: Shade provided by the project’s panels … [Read more…]