Brexit and “BUxit”

One of the proposals of scaling Bitcoin is known under the name of “Bitcoin Unlimited” (BU). The recently opened website has this to say about the conditions for activating BU: Bitcoin Unlimited has no script to create a hard fork. It just gives the stakeholders this option. How they use it is up to … [Read more…]

President Obama Unwilling to Stop Spying Efforts

The Snowden disclosures just got a couple of notches more serious. You know, EU politicians don’t care ever so much if the Americans are running around in the EU recording all 500 million citizens’ communications. But now SPIEGEL has disclosed that the NSA actually has bugged EU embassies, and telecommunications at the Justus Lipsius building … [Read more…]

EU Japan Summit

Prime Minister Abe briefly talked to European Council President Van Rompuy (about 20 minutes) at the occasion of the G8 summit going on in the United Kingdom right now. Here is a short report from the Japanese Foreign Ministry (in Japanese). The most noteworthy result was that both sides agreed to hold a summit in … [Read more…]

Japanese Translation of German Constitutional Court Decision on European Stability Mechanism

I will be speaking on Saturday at the Japanese Association for the Study of German Constitutional Cases on the decision of the German Federal Constitutional Court on the European Stability Mechanism¬†of September 2012. For that purpose, I have prepared a Japanese translation of the decision. The original German text is here. Here is a PDF … [Read more…]

EU-Japan FTA Negotiations to Start

The Council of the European Union just published a press release¬†which says that today’s Foreign Affairs Council gave the Commission a negotiating mandate. The mandate extends to a Free Trade Agreement and also to a Framework Agreement. Both agreements will be negotiated in parallel. From the press release: The negotiating directives foresee a free trade … [Read more…]