German Climate Damages Case

Kurt Cobb posted about various climate related litigation and mentioned a recent German case. That’s a good opportunity to write about that, though I couldn’t yet find a full copy of the recent decision (Landgericht Essen, decision of December 15, 2016, file number 2 O 285/15). I could only find a press release from the Regional … [Read more…]

Gasoline Car Free Zones

SPIEGEL reports on plans for new executive legislation that would allow cities to declare gasoline car restricted zones. There are several models discussed. One would be to restrict these zones for dirty old cars that don’t observe the newest emission standards. Another one would be to restrict these zones based on the last digit of … [Read more…]

27% Renewable Target

Guardian reports that the European Environmental Agency expects the EU to reach its 2020 target of a 20 percent renewable share. The bloc’s 2020 target calls for 20% of gross final energy consumption to come from renewable sources, and that number rose to 16.4% in 2015 from 16% in 2014, according to preliminary estimates cited … [Read more…]

What? The Commission Proposed Abolishing Renewable Priority?

It’s hard to believe, but the recent Commission proposal for reforming the Renewable Energy Directive gets rid of priority for renewable energy, which is guaranteed in Article 16 of the 2009 Directive. The reasons the proposal gives for individual Article wordings in the deceptively named section “DETAILED EXPLANATION OF THE SPECIFIC PROVISIONS OF THE PROPOSAL” … [Read more…]