to Martin Varsafsky who reports he received a patent in the United States for his idea of FON, which consists of sharing WiFi network resources. This seems to be a patent for a business idea, as opposed to one for a technical innovation. Claim ten actually wants an exclusive right in the idea of sharing … [Read more…]

FON Illegal in Germany

In the opinion of the Koeln High Court, see this link (in German). That court opinion says that FON is a parasite feeding of the investment in Internet infrastructure other service providers pay for. The court also seems to think that widespread FON usage would lead to higher prices for consumers of Internet access. If … [Read more…]

Fonera Logs

Martin Varsafsky announced the new Fonera router for the FON wireless Internet access network. It can do all kinds of useful things, like uploading or downloading files directly to a hard drive without needing a computer. I have posted about FON as a potential workaround for Internet surveillance a couple of years ago here and … [Read more…]

Jews for Lebanon

Jews for Lebanon is an idea of FON founder Martin Varsafsky. The idea is to bundle jewish contributions for rebuilding Lebanon. The site is live now.