Google invested more than $915 million in renewable energy last year

And this article wants to explain why. One important factor seems to be that Google gets some tax advantages from these investments. The article doesn’t mention two other important factors. For one, Google needs a lot of electricity for its own business. Getting that from renewable sources gives them security on their costs for decades. … [Read more…]

Great news from Google

Google makes another $95 million investment in large-scale solar power, bringing their total clean energy investments to over $915 million (Official Google Blog post) . This time they take advantage of a new feed-in tariff for solar created at the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. This makes business sense as well as for the climate, and … [Read more…]

Former Google fan

I thought I would not bother any more about Google, but this post from someone disconnected from their service without any explanation or chance to discuss the case, and without any chance to back up data from the various Google accounts, is just too important to pass on. Clearly, anyone using Google accounts for anything … [Read more…]