Nuclear Decline in Germany Not Compensated 100 Percent by Renewable

One of the recent pro-nuclear talking points is the fact that there is still coal burned in the German electricity sector. For example, this tweet by Steve Aplin, retweeted by the enemy of renewable energy Rod Adams: Why is Germany burning more coal after closing nukes? Because coal = real electricity. Wind can’t provide it. … [Read more…]

I Wish David Roberts Was Wrong

He just posted an article titled “Some thoughts on Pandora’s Promise and the nuclear debate”. I find myself agreeing with most of his points. I share these views of his article: Radiation risks of nuclear are much less serious than risks from global warming or from coal. People should dump coal before nuclear. Nuclear energy … [Read more…]

Craig Morris Retires Fossil Nuke German Coal Myth

Craig Morris just posted at with the nice headline “Germany builds minus six coal plants after nuclear phaseout”. Based on this source by the German NGO “Deutsche Umwelthilfe” (PDF), he looks in detail at which coal power plants projects were started and finished exactly when. The result is that no coal power plants are … [Read more…]