Discussing the latest anti-Desertec article at Zeit online

Zeit online has published an article critical of the Desertec project. Their main reason for asserting that Desertec won’t work is that photovoltaic solar has become so cheap lately that concentrated solar power has trouble competing on price. That is of course completely irrelevant. If they are right, which no one knows (we are talking … [Read more…]

Lenz Blog "Fossil Prize" awarded to "Climate Action Network"

I have just decided to award the first “Lenz Blog Fossil Prize” ever to the fine “Climate Action Network“. Congratulations to them! As Japan Times reports here, this international network of NGOs has just decided that Japan deserves one of their own “fossil awards” for the sin of advocating for inclusion of nuclear energy in … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday Greenpeace and WWF

This article in the Guardian compares Greenpeace and WWF, who both celebrate round anniversaries this week. I congratulate both of these organizations to their achievements and wish them the best of success with their most important goal, which is dealing with climate change. From the WWF website: “It is nearly impossible to overstate the threat … [Read more…]

Greenpeace criminals

Australian Greenpeace criminals broke into a scientific farm and destroyed some genetically modified wheat belonging to the Australian national science agency, says this blog post at nature.com. Good. This will of course cause somewhat of a backlash, as well as some law enforcement activity directed at these fossil greens. The blog post speaks of the … [Read more…]

New York Academy of Sciences

The New York Academy of Sciences is a reasonably well-known and respected organization with its own shiny Wikipedia article. Now someone has asked a couple of questions about the strange decision to publish a Greenpeace propaganda pamphlet in the formerly respected academic journal “Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences”, and Rod Adams at Atomic … [Read more…]

Thousands of bogus e-mails solicited by Greenpeace

With all the outrage about Kyushu Electric soliciting a couple of e-mails from their employees, I thought this May 11th tweet by the anti-nuclear propaganda arm of Greenpeace is interesting: Thousands of emails already sent telling HSBC & BNP Paribas not to fund the Jaitapur nuclear plant! http://act.gp/jYnn9h Thanks to all! So, Greenpeace not only … [Read more…]