Hydrogen Fukushima

Ten years ago I wrote a blog with the title “Hydrogen Mongolia”. Since I had some interest in Mongolia because of a research project at my university, I discussed the possibility of large scale renewable energy projects in the Mongolian Gobi desert. And hydrogen as a method of storing and transporting such energy. Here is … [Read more…]

About Time: Government Taking Over at Fukushima

I haven’t written for some time about the Fukushima site. In my opinion both TEPCO and the Japanese government are unable to adequately deal with the crisis. They should ask for more international help, especially from the veterans of the Chernobyl cleanup effort. Now Bloomberg reports that the Japanese Trade Minister Motegi announced that “from … [Read more…]

Aeroscraft Youtube Video

This is remarkable for one of the scenes at the end, where they land the Aeroscraft in a coastal area devastated by a tsunami. I wonder what the capability to speedily deploy 66 tons of emergency backup diesel generators to the Fukushima site would have changed. I think it would have been rather useful. And … [Read more…]

Former Prime Minister Kan on TEPCO Tapes

TEPCO has released some more tapes of television conferences after the Fukushima accident, and former Prime Minister Kan just blogged about this. He recalls that he visited the site on March 12, and TEPCO headquarters on March 15, calling for more TEPCO personnel deployed to the site. As I learned from that blog post, even … [Read more…]

Nuclear climate bailout unlikely

Brad Plumer at the Washington Post discusses a couple of facts about the development (or lack thereof) of nuclear energy under the headline “Did Fukushima make it tougher to tackle global warming?” Fact number one: Nuclear energy is declining, from providing 18 percent of the world’s electricity in 1996 to 13 percent in 2010. And … [Read more…]

Japanese government panel: fast breeder not realistic

Japan times reports on discussions at a government panel charged with debating the future of fast breeder reactor technology in Japan. From the article: “A panel of experts reviewing the nuclear fuel cycle policy in light of the Fukushima crisis has agreed that while a fast-breeder reactor has advantages, from a technology viewpoint it can’t … [Read more…]