Japanese Translation of German Constitutional Court Decision on European Stability Mechanism II

I recall my Japanese translation of the 2012 decision of the German Constitutional Court on the European Stability Mechanism, which I published last year on this blog. That decision was about the plaintiffs’ request for a temporary injunction. Now I will be talking again at the Japanese Association for the Study of German Constitutional Cases … [Read more…]

Extradition of Edward Snowden from Germany?

SPIEGEL magazine reports that the German government is considering granting asylum to Edward Snowden. They warn, however, that it might be a bad move for Snowden to actually come to Germany. The reason is that the EU has a extradition treaty with the United States in force since 2010. So if Snowden is in Germany, … [Read more…]

German Government Unable to Find EUR 50 Million for Energy Storage Program

I am on the e-mail list of Green Party German Member of Parliament Hans-Josef Fell. Today’s mail explained that the CDU/FDP government is breaking promises made last year to the opposition parties when bringing changes of the Law on Priority for Renewable Energy through the Bundesrat (further reductions of solar tariffs and a cap on … [Read more…]

Japanese Translation of German Constitutional Court Decision on European Stability Mechanism

I will be speaking on Saturday at the Japanese Association for the Study of German Constitutional Cases on the decision of the German Federal Constitutional Court on the European Stability Mechanism of September 2012. For that purpose, I have prepared a Japanese translation of the decision. The original German text is here. Here is a PDF … [Read more…]

Violin Update

I recall having blogged about the recent confiscations of valuable violins by the German customs authorities at Frankfurt airport. Now there have been some new developments. For one, Finance Minister Schäuble has ordered that these violins are returned to their rightful owners, as is reported at Bild (in German). Thanks to this tweet by yumi for … [Read more…]

German Customs Confiscating Violins Needs to Stop

German customs officials at Frankfurt airport are doing a great job right now to damage the good will my country generally enjoys in Japan. As for example this article at Yomiuri explains, they have recently started to confiscate precious violins that Japanese professional musicians carry when passing the border. I have not studied the law … [Read more…]

German utilities sue for 15 billion euro because of nuclear exit

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports on a 15 billion euro lawsuit pending at the German Federal Constitutional Court. Utilities who owned the nuclear plants now without permit want this considerable sum from the German government. They say the law on Germany shutting down nuclear that was enacted last year is unconstitutional. And they want at least … [Read more…]

Commission requests Germany to enact human rights violating legislation

Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung has published a letter from the EU Commission to Germany requesting that Germany enact legislation to comply with the 2006 Directive requiring surveillance of all citizens and suspension of the formerly guaranteed human right to confidential communication. Right now there is no such human rights violating legislation in Germany. The Federal Constitutional Court … [Read more…]

NATO wants Internet ID

The German Focus magazine reports in an article that someone at NATO called for abolishing anonymous Internet use. They want the ability to identify anyone connecting to the net. That doesn’t make much sense. It is NATO’s job to worry about hostile states, not individual Internet users. Any hostile state actor that would be able … [Read more…]