“Man is Stupid” Says the Pope

According to this AP article. And that’s a quote from the Old Testament. Googling “every man is stupid” and “old testament” finds a Bible hub quote, Jeremiah 51-17 as a source, which reads in the “English Standard Version”: Every man is stupid and without knowledge; every goldsmith is put to shame by his idols, for … [Read more…]

NASA Says Venus May Have Been Habitable

According to Ian Johnston writing at the Independent. If so, it would be fun to imagine that life there evolved to an intelligent species. And that said species fell for the fossil fuel trap (burning all the fossil fuel and starting a global warming feedback spiral). That’s one of the basic ideas of my first … [Read more…]

5000 Years Later

This is a book review. Neil Stephenson, Seveneves, May 2015. I heard about this from a recent blog post by Bill Gates. One interesting aspect is the fact that this book takes a very long term perspective. The first sentence of the last part is: “5000 years later”. And one of Gates’ observations reads: “The other … [Read more…]

Climate Change Lobbyists Outnumbered

Marc Gunther published another very interesting article at the Guardian titled “In Washington, a handful of corporations lobby against climate change”. The article documents that most lobbyists in the United States are opposing meaningful policies to accelerate the switch away from fossil fuels. Lobbyists are not without influence on American politics. Much of that influence … [Read more…]

North Korea Behind Global Warming

Just revealed in the Guardian: The discovery that North Korea has been secretly pumping climate-altering chemicals into the atmosphere in an attempt to destroy agricultural production across the US has sparked an international crisis. This is not true. I know better. Global warming, or global meltdown as it should be called more realistically, is caused … [Read more…]

Independence Day Moment

From an interview with climate scientist Paul Mayewski:  We have to treat this almost like an extraterrestrial threat. The movie “Independence Day” is a great movie because of the message that the only way the world gets together is when everybody realizes they’re being threatened in the same way. Actually, it is an extraterrestrial threat. … [Read more…]

Global Warming: Greatest Failure of Risk Management

John Abraham and Dana Nutticelli write at the Guardian that global warming is the greatest failure of human risk management, though they call it “climate change” (a mistake, since “climate change” sounds less threatening than “global warming”). They don’t ask why humans are so bad at dealing with this particular risk. I have asked exactly that question, … [Read more…]

List of Global Warming Fiction Books

I have recently started a list on Goodreads titled “Climate Change Fiction”. It has already 19 books, including my own two contributions. However, I made a mistake when starting that list. It should have been “Global Warming Fiction”. I didn’t think too much about that choice. But it is wrong. As this recent blog post … [Read more…]