Using Water to Store CO2 in Minerals

Having followed proposals to store CO2 in minerals like olivine on this blog, I found this recent story about an experiment in Iceland interesting. The basic idea was to dissolve CO2 in water (like in your soda drink can). Then pump the water under pressure underground into an environment rich in minerals that will react … [Read more…]

Completely Disposing of CO2

One interesting aspect of the olivine weathering concept is that it doesn’t only remove CO2 from the atmosphere, as other proposals do. I recall having blogged on Marc Gunther’s book “Suck it up” last March. If you remove CO2 from the atmosphere, you’re not done yet. You still need some safe way to dispose of … [Read more…]

Olivine Beach

This Youtube video describes a beach in Hawaii that has a lot of olivine sand: I mention that because Schuiling and de Boer propose building many such beaches. The one in the video above is not man-made. But one could imagine depositing large amounts of grinded olivine to the beaches of the World. The interesting … [Read more…]

Olivine Seminar 2012

Here is a short video on vimeo. For some reason I don’t understand, the author of the video doesn’t want me to embed it in this blog, so please go to the vimeo site and watch it there. It’s only a couple of minutes and gives a very general idea of the event. There is … [Read more…]

New Category "Greensand"

I have been reading a bit about using olivine weathering to permanently take out CO2 from the atmosphere. I think this kind of idea has enough merit to discuss it in some more detail. Therefore I have opened yet another new category on this blog. I didn’t call it “olivine weathering”, since “greensand” sounds much … [Read more…]