Supporting Trump Travel Ban

President Trump lost a preliminary round in the legal fight about his Muslim travel ban. I for one hope he will be able to turn this around later on. It is true that this travel ban doesn’t help securing the population of the United States against violent crime. If preventing lethal attacks was the most … [Read more…]

Preemptive Peace

As Glenn Greenwald notes, there are no achievements to justify a Nobel Prize for Barack Obama. Unless one counts beating McCain/Palin in the election, which was probably a major contribution to world peace, or sees it as an extraordinary achievement that Obama already is in office for nine months without having started any other illegal … [Read more…]

Disappearing Right

Sadly, the American government still openly asserts the right to disappear people extrajudicially, quite contrary to what Obama said when he was a candidate. As Greenwald explains, it looks like the only reason the Americans are closing Guantanamo is that the inmates have too many constitutional rights to court hearings there, as opposed to people … [Read more…]

Secret Law Developments

The European Court of Justice has decided on the question I blogged before, that is, as in my last post on the matter “the idiocy of EU flight security regulations that are not published in the Official Journal, a practice that reaches almost American levels of contempt for basic requirements of democracy and rule of … [Read more…]

War on Tourism

Another tourist detained without any particular reason for ten days when trying to enter the United States, as described in this New York Times article. Discover America. If you dare.

Impeaching the President

John Conyers, Chairman of the American House Judiciary Committee, writes a letter to the president threatening impeachment if he goes ahead with illegally attacking Iran without asking Congress first. The American Constitution quite clearly gives the power to decide about war to Congress. However, the present administration does not seem to be interested in following … [Read more…]

$3 Trillion and Counting

Cost of the illegal war until now, according to Nobel Prize winner Stiglitz. For that kind of money, the Americans could have just bought the oil they are after, like everyone else. Stiglitz also notes that the recent sub-prime banking crisis was caused by this overspending, leading to the necessity of handing out cheap money … [Read more…]

Dumb War

Obama in 2002 (via Lessig). Too bad there is only an outside chance for him to actually become president. A couple of days ago I wrote that “there is still a small chance that the Republicans get away with stealing three presidential elections in a row.” I was wrong. After observing the reaction from the … [Read more…]