Hougaku Gakushuu Senryaku

That’s the title of a book on the strategy for effectively learning law (in Japanese) I am releasing as a PDF file with this post. The Japanese title would be 法学学習戦略。 Here is a link to the free PDF file: A printed version is available for $7 at this Createspace page. It sells for the … [Read more…]

Cost committee report

The excellent “Renewables Japan Status Report 2012” I reviewed last week notes on page 34 that there has been a report on electricity generation costs by a “committee on costs” in December 2012. The report is available here (82 page PDF file). It estimates costs for solar as between 33.4 and 38.3 yen per kWh … [Read more…]

Japanese government debt

Japan Times reports that the sum of central and local government debt in Japan will reach 195% of GDP in 2012. Asahi Shimbun leads today with an article about the next fiscal year budget, which will depend to 49% on new debt. That sounds all very scary, until you realize that only about 5% of … [Read more…]

AEO mutual recognition

From May 24th on, Japan and the European Union will mutually recognize “authorized economic operators” (EU Commission). “Authorized economic operators” are companies that seem trustworthy to customs. They will be given preferential treatment, and the law-enforcement activity of customs will be concentrated stronger on the more suspicious traffic left. This is based on the World … [Read more…]

Winny Developer Acquitted

The Osaka High Court has acquitted Winny developer Isamu Kaneko from charges of copyright violation. I have commented on that case five years ago, when Kaneko was first arrested. And I have discussed the question of secondary liability for dual-use software a couple of weeks ago. I don’t have much to add. As far as … [Read more…]

Search Engine Exception

A copyright reform bill containing the new exception for search engines has passed the Japanese Parliament and will come into force on January 1st, 2010. I will post an English translation and offer a couple of comments. The English translation will depart from the unreadable style of the Japanese original by relocating all information in … [Read more…]