Auctions Became “World Standard” While You Were Not Looking

On March 26 there was a meeting at the Japanese government discussing future trends of renewable energy policy. One of the presentations published at the occasion was rather interesting. Thanks to Hironao Matsubara for the link. On page seven it mentions that costs for renewable energy are still at a level of twice of Europe. … [Read more…]

Solar Auctions in Japan

PV magazine reports on discussions in Japan to introduce auctions as a method to save costs into the Japanese feed-in tariff system. That is a bad idea. Auctions will increase costs, not reduce them. If Japan wants to reduce costs, the first thing they should do is stop paying people at historical rates. Right now, … [Read more…]

33.2 GW Of New Renewable In Japan

The Japanese Economics Ministry has released figures on the state of play on renewable energy in Japan under the new feed-in tariff. Some of it is good news. Thanks to this Tweet by Hiro Matsubara for the link. The Japanese feed-in tariff system expects people to get a recognition (認定) before actually building capacity. That … [Read more…]

Setting Prices for FIT Solar Projects in Japan

The Japanese publication “Tech-On” is doing a series of articles about megasolar projects. Installment seven is an interview with Head of Renewable Energy Department Murakami at the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry . Thanks to this tweet by Hiromichi Matsubara for the link. One thing we learn from this interview is that there have been already megasolar … [Read more…]

Japan's Performance "Very Poor" in the 2014 Climate Change Performance Index

German Watch has published the 2014 “Climate Change Performance Index”, and Japan’s score is “very poor”. Thanks to this tweet by Volker Quaschning for the link. The index has several categories: Emissions (30 percent of points), emission reductions (30 percent), efficiency (10 percent), renewable energy (10 percent), and climate policy (20 percent). Japan scores “very poor” in emissions … [Read more…]