What Three Words

Mongolia has decided to change their postal address system. The new system will be based on GPS. But it will also use a service that maps GPS coordinates (difficult for humans to remember) to three random words (easy for humans to remember). It is called “What Three Words” and has mapped the whole world with … [Read more…]

Got Mentioned To Miss Mongolia

Christian Roselund recently did an interview with Miss Mongolia 2012 Britta Battokta, who is supporting the SolarFuture.Today campaign. Embedding the video doesn’t seem to work, so you will need to click over to the SolarPV.tv site to watch that. It’s only about four minutes long. The first question was why Battokta supports the SolarFuture campaign. And … [Read more…]

Oyu Tolgoi Power Plant

Giles Parkinson writes about Rio Tinto starting to build solar power for their remotely located mining operations. They seem to plan a small 6.7 MW solar project at a place called Weipa in Queensland, Australia. There the solar will displace electricity generation with diesel generators. As the article notes, it makes sense to get rid … [Read more…]

Suez Canal Project in Mongolia

The Business Council of Mongolia just reported that a company called “GDF Suez” has signed a memorandum of understanding with Newcom on developing renewable energy resources in Mongolia, at the occasion of the French Foreign Minister visiting Mongolia. I know Newcom as the leading Mongolian renewable energy company. They are operating the Salkhit wind farm. … [Read more…]

Economic Downturn in Mongolia

Julian Dierkes describes the recent economic downturn in Mongolia in a new blog post. Thanks to this tweet by Turquoise Hill for the link. From that blog post: Now, coal sales to China have tumbled, the giant Tavan Tolgoi coal project is no longer the object of transnational investment desires, and direct investment in Mongolian … [Read more…]

Asahi Article on Asia Super Grid

Asahi just published an article about Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son’s idea of an “Asia Super Grid” (in Japanese language). This is the first installment in a series of articles. Thanks to this tweet by Tetsunari Iida for the link. The “Asia Super Grid” concept wants to link Asian electricity markets, like those in the European … [Read more…]