New Nuclear More Expensive Than Solar/Wind – So What?

As Cleantechnica just reported, Prognos AG has released a new study commissioned by Agora Energiewende comparing the costs of new nuclear with those of a system based on solar and wind. I learned that right now the renewable option costs only about half of new nuclear. That cost advantage of renewable energy is expected to increase, … [Read more…]

German Federal Administrative Law Court on Nuclear Shutdown

Hans Bienfait recently asked in a comment for my opinion on the decision of the German Federal Administrative Law Court on the nuclear shutdown in 2011. He cited this article at World Nuclear News. The original decision is here (in German). It deals mainly with the question if the plaintiffs had enough opportunity to explain … [Read more…]

Nuclear Accident Liability and Insurance in the EU

The EU Commission has just launched a consultation on the topic. Anyone can participate. The consultation is open until October 22. Thanks to this tweet by Alice Stollmeyer for the link. I learned from that consultation document that nuclear provides for two thirds of low carbon electricity in the EU (probably mainly because of the … [Read more…]

Nuclear Decline in Germany Not Compensated 100 Percent by Renewable

One of the recent pro-nuclear talking points is the fact that there is still coal burned in the German electricity sector. For example, this tweet by Steve Aplin, retweeted by the enemy of renewable energy Rod Adams: Why is Germany burning more coal after closing nukes? Because coal = real electricity. Wind can’t provide it. … [Read more…]

Discussing Mark Lynas' "Nuclear 2.0: Why a Green Future Needs Nuclear Power"

Mark Lynas just released an “Amazon short” title called Nuclear 2.0. The book description at Amazon has this to say: Lynas shows that with wind and solar still at only about 1 percent of global primary energy, asking renewables to deliver all the world’s power is “dangerously delusional”. That got me interested. Maybe he’s talking … [Read more…]

I Wish David Roberts Was Wrong

He just posted an article titled “Some thoughts on Pandora’s Promise and the nuclear debate”. I find myself agreeing with most of his points. I share these views of his article: Radiation risks of nuclear are much less serious than risks from global warming or from coal. People should dump coal before nuclear. Nuclear energy … [Read more…]