Two Click Bitcoin Payments

I just realized that paying online with the Bitcoin network is not only more anonymous than a credit card, it is also much more convenient if you are doing business with some website for the first time. That’s because of this video of Cheapair CEO Jeff Klee explaining their decision to take Bitcoin as a … [Read more…]

EFF on German Parliament Software Patent Motion

The EFF has published a blog post on the recent motion adopted by the German Parliament on software patents. Unfortunately, the tweet announcing this post has a slightly misleading headline: The German Parliament recently eliminated software patents, urges all of Europe to follow. That would be nice if it was true. It is not. As … [Read more…]

Virtual Autograph Using Bitcoin

I started this blog in January 2003. One of my first posts ever, published on 7 January 2003, had this to say under the title “Virtual Autograph”: Anyone can buy PGP 8.0 Personal Edition from Phil Zimmermann, the original author. I don’t know if there is a market for the idea, but instead of selling exactly … [Read more…]

German Bundestag Against Software Patents

As the FFII reported last month, a large majority of the parties in the German Bundestag (Parliament) want to do something about the stinking software patents. That includes the ruling CDU, CSU, and FDP, but also the opposition SPD and Green parties are on board for a draft resolution asking the government to introduce the necessary … [Read more…]

Amazon 1-Click Patent *Still* Not Dead in Europe

As the Foundation for a Free Internet Infrastructure (FFII) explains in this new press release, Amazon’s 1-click patent is still alive in Europe. The FFII has won a revocation of this particular obnoxious patent, but they are afraid that Amazon, to its ever lasting shame, will want to appeal that decision. No one should claim … [Read more…]

Microsoft fleeing Germany?

Andre Rebentisch just pointed in a tweet to this Welt article on Microsoft’s problems with software patents in Germany. Microsoft has lost at the District Court level to Motorola, which is trying to enforce a patent relating to the H264 video compression standard. That in turn has Microsoft thinking about relocating their existing German sales … [Read more…]

Patenting the Web

Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing reports that the Director of WIPO Francis Curry made the case for patenting the web. He posts this transcript: Intellectual property is a very flexible instrument. So, for example, had the world wide web been able to be patented, and I think that is a question in itself, perhaps the amount … [Read more…]