Trying To Ban Tesla Should Backfire

Apparently, some car dealers in the American State of North Carolina are trying to purchase legislation that would make it illegal for Tesla to sell their award-winning cars in the State. This article at Huffington Post by a young woman race car driver called Leilani Münter describes these plans. I think these car dealers should … [Read more…]

EcoXPower Bike USB Charging Device

Cleantechnica reports on the EcoXPower, a device added to your bike that provides light as well as charging over an USB-cable. I could run my Kindle on that. On the other hand, while that does help somewhat with saving energy, this is a very small factor of the total load, as pointed out in David … [Read more…]


I just discovered the Luminaid project over this article at Solarfeeds. The founders of that project have developed a pillow shaped solar lantern and want to distribute that in places where it would help, like disaster zones and developing countries where people use dirty and expensive kerosene lamps. The project has a blog where the … [Read more…]

Something you can't do with solar

Charging a mobile phone using only the back side of the phone as space for solar cells. Nokia blog entry, Slashdot discussion. It is always nice to concede that there are things that can’t be done with solar energy, like generating electricity from photovoltaic solar at night. On the other hand, solar charging of a … [Read more…]

Intelligent elevator idea

Energy storage is one task a future smart grid needs to deal with. Use energy in time slots with much supply, rather than in peak time slots. Elevators might be used in a time-shifting way. Elevators use counterweights. Usually this counterweight is fixed at the weight of the elevator car plus 40 to 50% of … [Read more…]