Supporting Solar Roads

I have been commenting on a recent article at Reneweconomy about France’s project to build some solar roads. That article is opposed to the idea. It cites many experts questioning the cost of such a project. I for one disagree. Solar needs to be built everywhere in sight, including roads. That’s especially true where I … [Read more…]

New Nuclear More Expensive Than Solar/Wind – So What?

As Cleantechnica just reported, Prognos AG has released a new study commissioned by Agora Energiewende¬†comparing the costs of new nuclear with those of a system based on solar and wind. I learned that right now the renewable option costs only about half of new nuclear. That cost advantage of renewable energy is expected to increase, … [Read more…]

BECCS and 600 ppm

I have a couple of comments about the “Mitigation of Climate Change” report released yesterday by the IGCC. First, I learned from this report what “BECCS” means. “CCS” of course is carbon capture and storage. Burn fossil fuel and dispose safely with the CO2 at the point of emission. Or maybe capture an equivalent amount … [Read more…]