Power to gas news

ZSW (Zentrum für Sonnenenergie und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg) has published a press release about their “power to gas” program. “Power to gas” is the idea of using electricity in time slots where demand is insufficient to cover supply from renewable sources and make some methane gas. That gas can then be stored in the normal gas … [Read more…]

Commercial break: Ice Bear from Ice Energy

I found this Youtube promotion video on the “Ice Bear” energy storage for air conditioners from “Ice Energy” at this Grist article, describing Google’s use of the technology. Actually, using ice for cooling in the summer was what people did before there were refrigerators and air conditioning. It is interesting to see the technology coming … [Read more…]

Just voted for SolarFuel

This article at the excellent Energynet.de blog alerted me to the fact that there is a Facebook “like” vote going on right now in the framework of the “Ecosummit 2012“. The article recommends voting for the “SolarFuel” project, which has not collected much support right now. I agree. I recall blogging about that project last … [Read more…]

Water energy storage

Contrary what the anti-renewable propaganda claims, the problem with intermittent sources is not that demand can’t be met at some times. The problem is that there is not enough demand to cover peak production times already now. And that problem will only get worse with higher market penetration of renewable energy. Now an article in … [Read more…]

Battery storage for renewable energy

While the Fossil Nukes at the “Brave New Climate” site all agree with themselves that there will never be any solution to the storage problem and batteries are out of the question for this application, this article in the “Renewable Focus” Journal by Kari Williamson documents how people are doing exactly that anyway. A couple … [Read more…]

More on Ulan Bator ice experiment

National Geographic has an article about the project to build some large ice masses from river water in Ulan Bator I blogged about earlier. Link found at this tweet from Mongolian Daily News. The article explains that the project has a volume of a billion tugriks, or about $750,000, and also names the lead scientist … [Read more…]