Humans As “Detritovores”

No, I hadn’t heard of that term either. Before reading this 2015 blog post by Kurt Cobb at Resource Insights. The Wikipedia article about the term “detritovore” talks about organisms like earthworms, butterflies and fungi that live on detritus, which is dead organic matter. Kort Cobb discusses the work of William Catton in that blog post, … [Read more…]

Oilfield Prayer

I hear that today is “Oilfield Prayer Day”. As explained in detail at Climate Progress, governor of Oklahoma Mary Fallin has issued a proclamation to that effect. I don’t live in Oklahoma. But I have taken a couple of moments to pray for the oilfields in Oklahoma, which face three severe dangers unknown to the state … [Read more…]

Old Carbon

Here is a short elevator pitch video from NASA about global warming: The interesting thing is that it talks about “old carbon”. It explains that the carbon stored in coal was stored there hundreds of millions of years before. And we are releasing it now. It does not discuss the issue from the point of … [Read more…]

Climate Change Lobbyists Outnumbered

Marc Gunther published another very interesting article at the Guardian titled “In Washington, a handful of corporations lobby against climate change”. The article documents that most lobbyists in the United States are opposing meaningful policies to accelerate the switch away from fossil fuels. Lobbyists are not without influence on American politics. Much of that influence … [Read more…]

List of Global Warming Fiction Books

I have recently started a list on Goodreads titled “Climate Change Fiction”. It has already 19 books, including my own two contributions. However, I made a mistake when starting that list. It should have been “Global Warming Fiction”. I didn’t think too much about that choice. But it is wrong. As this recent blog post … [Read more…]

First Physical Bitcoin Autograph

I have done a physical Bitcoin autograph of my second global warming science fiction novel “Tasneem” (FREE PDF file here). It just arrived at its destination. I have sent 0.1 bitcoin from my address 1MXLh9u36HPRzjY7j9qJ5jDdkJexrmZBA2 to the address created for this autograph 1DgLiqUA3SL9oFhyEnNApmJHzcWH7km5WQ I sent this before I got my address 1KfLenzmpCEjNhdNs2Y6txuaJAFLUNzfjZ which I plan … [Read more…]