Paper Trail for Voting Machines

The German Federal Constitutional Court has ruled that voting machines without paper trail violate the German Constitution. There is an English version of the press release here. This follows from the requirement that voting procedures are public. Citizens must be able to verify the result of the process. That is impossible if all counting is … [Read more…]

Dumb War

Obama in 2002 (via Lessig). Too bad there is only an outside chance for him to actually become president. A couple of days ago I wrote that “there is still a small chance that the Republicans get away with stealing three presidential elections in a row.” I was wrong. After observing the reaction from the … [Read more…]

Another Amazing Coincidence

in the results of the New Hampshire primary reported at Bradblog: We do note, however, the following rather remarkably anomalous result which was reported late this afternoon by analysts from the Election Defense Alliance (EDA). As noted by one of the researchers, IT Consultant Bruce O’Dell: Analysts at the Election Defense Alliance (EDA) have confirmed … [Read more…]

Clinton Machine

Apparently, Clinton received a much larger percentage in machine-counted than in hand-counted votes in the recent primary that surprised everybody with a result much more favorable for her than expected. I don’t care much about which Democrat becomes the next American president. The largest achievement of the present one (what was his name again?) is … [Read more…]

ThreeBallot Patents

On page 14 of his paper on the new ThreeBallot voting method, Ron Rivest says that he is not filing for any patents for this idea and that he is encouraging others who have improvements to do the same. His reason: “Our democracy is too important…”


Schneier points to a new voting protocol by Ron Rivest called “ThreeBallot”. This should be implemented widely as soon as possible. This is the first time I am convinced that any voting technology might actually be more trustworthy than simple paper ballots. Until that happens, as long as any American election can easily be stolen … [Read more…]